For many years, our organization was described as “on the brink of disaster”.  Approximately a year ago we were finally at a place to focus on upgrading our equipment, security, functionality, IT staff, and to create an infrastructure where none existed previously.  Our location in a rural area of the state made this a daunting task to say the least.  The only consistency had been the lack of training and expertise widely available in the area. We needed to locate quality resources, tools, and staff who could meet the needs of our growing company and quickly.

I was referred to Panjiea by a colleague and have not once regretted the decision to work with them.  In a short period of time they’ve assessed our network, security, equipment, and provided professional expert level data analytics, reporting and documentation.  The entire team is responsive and easily accessible, and on site when needed.  Their dynamic, proactive approach and unique culture has far exceeded initial expectations.

The best professional relationships are built upon trust, reliability, integrity and accountability.  Panjiea delivers all of this and more on a consistent basis.  I would recommend their organization and quality solutions to anyone looking to take their technology to the next level.

April Bancroft
Director of Information Technology