Network Management


Advanced Network Management Enterprise

Our Advanced Network Management Solution implements the Enterprise Level features of our DNA platform, from customized active monitoring to self-healing activities. In addition to a managed antivirus solution or managing your antivirus, we integrate the entire process to work in parallel with integrated patch management that keeps you current with the latest updates as they are released.  Proactive workstation and server maintenance is performed to keep your environment running clean and at optimal performance.

This solution walks through all areas of the Cybersecurity Framework:

Identify hardware and software assets through our monitoring and discovery platform.

 Protect those assets proactively through managed antivirus and patch management.

 Detect threats and malicious activity through our continual cybersecurity endpoint monitoring.

 Respond to threats using our advanced support tools, processes and procedures, and expertise of your dedicated Tier 3 team.

In addition to the RMS network monitoring and RSA threat defense, this includes the following daily operations:

  • All Threat Based Network Management services
  • All Infrastructure Tracking and Surveillance services
  • Advanced monitoring: Warranty, Event and Security logs, VMWare, Process(es)
  • Custom monitoring with alerts
  • Automation of common administrative tasks
  • Application compliance
  • License compliance
  • Proactive Server OS maintenance
  • Proactive Workstation maintenance
  • Service desk support with advanced support tools
  • Portal access to dashboards and remote control
  • Patch management
  • 27/7/365 monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Ticketing system with reporting (Waived – No Hourly Rate).