About Us


A Michelin level culture and approach to technology is a way to provide the perfect balance between the technician, analyst and the technology deployed creating a relationship with people you know and who know you.  If you have been to a Michelin Restaurant or one of the top 5-Star Hotels, you already have an appreciation for this mind-set – the personal attention, anticipation of what needs to happen next and an engaged environment.

Panjiea provides these important attributes in a unique setting.  We are a Solution Based organization, who understands where the gaps are in managing, monitoring, supporting and securing your personal devices and network environment.  You will not find a list of technology to choose from, you will find dynamic solutions to deploy or build on based on the event, scale, migration and most importantly the security umbrella to cover those activities and your operation.

This approach elevates your onsite IT staff so it can focus on business innovation.

Network Management and the Security of your environment needs a balance of dedicated personnel and technology for specific activities who have the time, assets and the visibility to see around corners.  In our advancing data driven world three items provide us a view into the future which will save Time, Money and Disruption:  Real-time Data coupled with Analytics and Experience provides us with the ability to turn Hindsite into Foresight, mitigating loss while providing Technical and Executive Insight so you can pull the trigger.

Whether you are a SMB (Small Midsized Business), Fortune 500 Company or in Rural Health across our Great Country, our people and solutions are the same with the accessibly to fit into each unique organization.

We look forward to being your technology asset!