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Infrastructure Tracking & Surveillance


The DNA Platform is designed for continuous Tracking and Surveillance of your entire network infrastructure.  This includes the scientific data, analytic tracking, hardware and software surveillance with reports and executive insight.  The analytical data effectively interprets a bi-weekly translation of key metrics providing a scientific and comprehensive translation to bridge the divide between IT and Executive Management.

This solution is designed to develop a relationship in a collaborative environment with onsite IT personnel, which will give your organization scale and elasticity when an event takes place and for migrations and upgrades.  We are your personal IT concierge, T3 expert engineers and Expert Cyber Security Team.  Our personnel and proprietary assets will be as visible as you want us to be and always there and engaged!

Manage / Monitor / Support – Are in the critical path of day-to-day network management setting up the ever important Identification of an event and the Reaction Time that is critical to sustain a seamless flow in your operations!

Our active relationship with you provides depth to your operations and accountability.  You now have the ability to react, scale, deploy and migrate seamlessly without the drag of new personnel who are unequipped and unfamiliar to enter your environment and your operation.


  • Crash Cart Micro Server Hardware
  • Monitoring of: Antivirus, Patches, CPU, Disk, and Memory Utilization, Connectivity
  • Regular scans to detect new devices
  • Printer monitoring*
  • Interactive Report Twice per Month
  • Dedicated Team of T3 System Engineers
  • Ticketing
  • Remediation – Fixes – Upgrades
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Policies and Procedures