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Threat Based Network Management


Threat Based Network Management

Cyber Security is not solved by all-in-one products, compliance, or regulation it is a triage of solutions and personnel that enables the ability to see ahead, the agility to change tactics, and the capability to respond to threats and turn hindsight into foresight.

 Panjiea’s Threat-based Network Management is a Proprietary Cyber Security and enterprise-class Managed Antivirus solution that is uniquely pared with an expert security analyst and T3 system engineer. This allows for 360-degree visibility with reactive measures.  Our platform initiates a continuous security analysis of files and processes.  This is accompanied with reports and executive insight that effectively interprets the key metrics that provide a scientific and comprehensive translation of data that bridges the divide between IT and Executive Management.

Our system is designed to extract process information from each endpoint, collate data and identify threats while providing real time response, solutions and directives.  Pre-established reactive protocols will be enacted when a critical event or breach has taken place.  This includes escalation to top level Security Experts both here and abroad, mission critical activities with legal resources readily available.

Our security assets and personnel provide advanced level resources normally not accessible to the SMB-Small Midsized Businesses and the Rural Health Community.  This defensive posture will mitigate issues that, if not identified, would be disruptive to your operations and budgets.

CYBER-AV (Antivirus) a Proprietary pairing of Panjiea’s cyber security solution and managed antivirus.

Managed Cyber Security + Antivirus –

  • Security Analyst Managed Cyber Security Platform (Proprietary).
  • T3 Managed Antivirus Platform.
    • Enterprise-class, managed antivirus platform with advanced protection using: signature-based, rule-based scans, and behavioral analysis.
    • Centralizes the deployment and updating of antivirus software to ensure coverage and consistency.
    • Configurable endpoint software firewall.
    • Application control.
    • Twice Monthly Status and Threat Reporting.
    • Flexible profiles for different levels of protection.
    • Anti-ransomware vaccine – a redundant security layer on the antivirus agent that works by exploiting flaws in several ransomware families method of spreading, and stops it from encrypting. CTB-Locker, Locky and TeslaCrypt crypto ransomware families.
    • Dedicated Team of Tier 3 systems engineers with failover ensure that all of your endpoints have the antivirus agent installed, actively working, and up-to-date virus definitions.
  • Dedicated Cyber Security Analyst.
  • 24/7/365 management.
  • Global Reputation Intelligence.
  • Continuous Threat Monitoring.
  • Low-level threat remediation*
  • File- and process- level visibility of all endpoints.
  • Remediation and forensics of certain issues with ticketing system.
  • Proprietary Michelin Level Service and Solution with in-depth visibility not available in the commercial market.
  • Real Time Identification and Reaction Time with active Threat-based Defensive measures, Breach protocols and Legal resources.